Good quality shoes are not easy to come by and being in between sizes, I have always struggled to find a well-fitting pair. To make matters worse, I started having chronic pain in my feet and was told that I would have to wear insoles for the rest of my life. If it had been difficult before, it was now virtually impossible to find shoes that would look alright (I lowered my expectations considerably!) and fit with my insoles. Needless to say that heels were totally out of the question!

Dancing my socks off is what finally sorted my poor, aching feet to the point that today I hardly remember what it felt like not to be able to stand up in the morning.

Very keen to get my hands on a quality pair of swing dancing shoes then, I started doing some research and found that there is only a very limited offer available in the UK and it is practically inevitable having to order them from abroad. Over the last year, I spent a fair amount of Euros in shipping costs, ordering and returning shoes I bought online.

Considering how big the Swing dancing community is in London alone, and how many more people there are that appreciate vintage styles, I started thinking about importing the shoes myself.

And now, it’s finally happening. Many friends from the Swing community have encouraged as well as given me professional advice and for that, I thank you all!

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