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The first rule is to get someone to help you! It is important that you let someone else trace your foot on a sheet of paper, since the slightest variation in position e.g. bending down will cause a weight change, which in turn will affect the measurements.

In order to get the correct measurements of your feet, you need to stand upright on the floor, barefoot or with the socks/ tights you will be wearing. Make sure your toes are perfectly stretched out and don’t move.

Next, measure from the heel to the top of your longest toe. This can be any of your toes.  Done!

Every brand has its own size guide, so be sure to check it as sizes can vary considerably between them. Some brands, e.g. Slide & Swing, have more than one size guide as the foot needs more space in heels for example.

Slide&Swing Size Guide

Swingz Size Guides

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